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The Tale of Two Dudes!

My name is Austin Hartman and I am in the middle of the country!
I’ve had limited access to my phone with the exception of my droid. This is the first time in awhile that I’ve had a second to sit at a cafe and use wi-fi. Whew.
Regardless, in the car I’ve been getting a lot of writing and drawing done, and then some.
You’ll know more about all that later, but for now you can follow my adventure with Ethan at:

Book 1 and 2 are up from our 3 part LOTR-esq narrative across the country.

I’ll be posting an article up here very soon.


Hitting the road!

Hello cyber-people!
It’s been a long time since I’ve done anything with this blog, but now it’s time to crack down again! I’ve been very busy with getting ready to drive across the country and move to New York City… along with that it’s been a lot of writing and attempting to get better a drawing and expanding my pen work to more then just doodles.
I did a new painting, and an image of that shall be posted soon.
For the next to weeks this site shall in inundated with posts from the road, short stories that I will be writing while in the passenger seat and pictures of drawings I do.
So keep using the internet to assure that you are updated and asphyxiated on my words and drawings.
For now, I shall celebrate my departure with my family and eat this (not really, but a man can dream):

painting lesson #2:

I’ve made a second painting for a friend. Also with Cameron, the yeti. My first painting I learned that water colours don’t work very well on canvas. This painting I learned that certain inks, or more inks, do not sit well on canvas. I am beginning to think that canvas sucks. Either way, here is to my friend who is in need of some love.
To Joel Markham, a gentleman.

Next painting lesson:
I work with acrylics?

more of Cameron

Here is yet again, another picture of Cameron. I’m scripting out some pages for a comic with him. We’ll see how it goes. And he is also the star of the painting series I’m working on. Well, here we go.
It’s my birthday tomorrow…
Also, I’m still looking for a cartoonist to draw a script I’ve got.


…are evil. So enjoy these snowman and a poorly drawn, and evil, yeti…

painting time!

Well, while there is no doodle today, I did make a painting that I am giving to my best friend Rebecca. This was the first time I used water colors on canvas in god knows how long. So it looks a little spotty in places, but I like it. I also decided I am going to be doing a series of canvas paintings all with the yeti that are based on the inspirational posters in elementary school classrooms. Although, aside from “Hang in there” and a few others, I’ve forgotten most of them. I guess it’s time to do some serious research…

I’m back…

While I am won’t be posting all five weekdays, I will be posting every couple of days. I have business cards now, and the link for this site and No Body Poops But You is on the back.
So, here you go:

my toot feed:

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