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painting lesson #2:

I’ve made a second painting for a friend. Also with Cameron, the yeti. My first painting I learned that water colours don’t work very well on canvas. This painting I learned that certain inks, or more inks, do not sit well on canvas. I am beginning to think that canvas sucks. Either way, here is to my friend who is in need of some love.
To Joel Markham, a gentleman.

Next painting lesson:
I work with acrylics?


more of Cameron

Here is yet again, another picture of Cameron. I’m scripting out some pages for a comic with him. We’ll see how it goes. And he is also the star of the painting series I’m working on. Well, here we go.
It’s my birthday tomorrow…
Also, I’m still looking for a cartoonist to draw a script I’ve got.


…are evil. So enjoy these snowman and a poorly drawn, and evil, yeti…

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