napkin sketches!!!

This post is all about the random napkin sketches I do here and there. They are nothin’ special, but they each have a little story (all of which are not very interesting).
A couple posts back I told you of my journeys to Davis, CA to get tattooed. When I got to the train station, this is how it was: filled with grandmas!

Then, when I finally boarded the train, there was a father and son in the seats on the other side of the isle, and they were discussing the kids phone and technology…

A little while after I got back to Santa Cruz, I made a bet with my friend Molly who is also a bartender. The winner of the bet would receive a night of free drinks at the losers respective bar. I WON!

lastly, for now, I just really like John W. Booth – and by this point I was a wee bit drunk…

Well, that’s all. Next post I will return to my cartoons that aren’t on napkins…


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