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I can’t stop watching this show!



Well, were back to the sober(ish?) drawn comics. Hope you like it.
Happy Thursday.


This is my first DUI (drawing under the influence) in the series. By no means are these comics supposed to be good, more odd then good. Note, as the drawing go on, the more drunk I get – the worse and weirder the drawing. Lets start with the ones I remember:


And here is where things start to get blurry…

and lastly, something I don’t remember drawing at all… And I am still so confused by it…

And that’s all for today. Tomorrow I return to the normal, mostly sober, drawings – it will most likely be cute…

martes gigantes!

It’s Tuesday. Today I’m posting another cute comic and tomorrow I’m starting a new weekly event called “Austin’s DUIs (drawing under the influences)” in which I will post several bizarre and bad drawings I did the past week. But, that’s tomorrow, and today is today.


Wasn’t that weekend just lovely! But now it’s back to the grind and I’ve got a lot of new comics scanned in. Startin’ the week off with a cute one…

See you tomorrow!

Double time…

Well, I was feeling creative and productive tonight so I finally got ’round to finishing (or drafting, if they don’t like it) the art for the 515’s “Wine vs. Beer” dinner pairing flyer. I rarely take the time to do the colors and what-nots with my cartoons/doodles, so I was excited when I finished it.
See you tomorrow.

thirsty thursday

Wait, this post’s title is lame. I’ll see you back at the frat, bro.
Okie dokie. Here’s the comic:

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