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comic #9

So here is my new business model. I won’t post on the weekends. Fuck you, pay me. Just kidding. If you’re on the site now, it means I love you and you love me. I’ve been rather swamped with the thing that pays the bills. So, because I’ve been lacking, here are two comics – to make up for lost time.


comic #8

So I gotta say, while it is a little morbid, that is one of my favorite doodles that I have done. I hope you also enjoy it, but I also hope this cartoon makes your really think about the vast amount of feelings, and complexities, that lie within each drawn comic or doodled character.

comic #7

SORRY it’s so fracking late. I went to SF yesterday and just got back a little while ago…
Here is the comic, which is in slightly poor taste.

comic #6

and you say you think about the environment. Ha.

comic #5

Because last night was so debaucheries and involved much whiskey, a head wound and a mean hangover… I give you this:
Are you a half empty or half full kinda person?

comic #4

today is the trunk sale at the 515. It’s happening right now and I am late!!! Caleb Finch and Tony, whose last name I don’t know, will be selling their comics and art while I will be drawing customer drawings for people. I’m thinkin’ $5 and you yell a word at me and I will draw something based, loosely, on that word. Either way, here is your comic for today:
I would eat that air.

comic #3

I have no idea why I am up this early, but since I am you can have this:
I always thought Jesus was way to smug

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